Independent Artist of the Week: Bluetung

July 12th 2023

Musician Bluetung stands in a sunlit room, playing guitar

  • :: Bluetung on Surfacing with Luke M de Zilva

Combining organic and synthetic soundscapes that ebb and flow between distinguishable and distorted, Eora/Sydney-based DIY artist and FBi’s Independent Artist of the Week Bluetung offers something that’s as much a sensation for your mind as it is for your soul.

On Surfacing with Luke M de Zilva, Bluetung described his latest album Eternity by the Stars as his noisiest and glitchiest project to date. The record combines aspects of traditional songwriting with his micro-sound inspired aesthetic, bringing something totally different to this alternative realm of music. Melding layers of dreamy, spacey and glitchy synths atop distorted and filtered guitars, your mind will simultaneously be cast into reminiscing about your past whilst also dreaming about your future.

Backing up his already prolific discography, counting 7 releases since 2018, Eternity by the Stars is Bluetung’s expression of what it means to capture a moment in time. But what feels free flowing and expressive actually comes as a result of being a diligent and regimented artist.

“If I feel like it’s time in my life to record an album then I’ll just say ‘this is the month that I’m gonna do it’ and everyday after work, on the weekends, I’ll just keep working at it. Once I’ve got a good batch of songs then I’ll stop recording new stuff and I’ll just work on the mix…polish them and add little things here or there.”

Not one to be caught going down the rabbit hole of a sonic idea, Bluetung isn’t afraid to shelve one song to make way for another gem.

“I get sick of things a bit too easily. If I don’t feel like a song has really captured a mood that day or it hasn’t totally distilled the essence of what I was feeling or what I wanted to capture then I just never come back to it.”

Listen back to the full interview with Bluetung on Surfacing up top. Whilst physical copies of the album have already sold out, you can steam or buy the digital version on Bandcamp below. Make sure to keep Bluetung on your radar – a collection of remixes of this record is soon to be released.


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