Independent Artist of the Week: BLESSED

April 16th 2018

Welcome to Blessed’s world. Sydney’s superfly, alt hip hop artist is in full stride with his confident, uplifting jams.

While most artists tend to sign major label deals after independently releasing music, Blessed has found himself doing the opposite after almost a decade, to pretty liberating effect. After making the switch and finally releasing music under his real name (yep, it is), the man’s been on a roll.

With influences like Yeezy, Pharrell and Jimi Hendrix, the singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer from Western Sydney-via-Ghana has been giving us one punchy earworm after the next. From his debut EP Love Letters and turning point ‘My World’, Blessed’s confidence and talent shines through his tracks.

His latest effort ‘Superfly’ is an anthem. With a drum line and hooks that won’t easily escape you, the track is a reminder for the self-assured dreamers that you can always find positives in the present. Add an impressive, 70s-tinged clip (featuring a little homage to the film and Curtis Mayfield track of the same name), and Blessed has delivered an all-encompassing package of his artistic intentions.

Blessed’s enviable personal style and taste for strong, cinematic visuals, sets him apart with one of the coolest aesthetics in Sydney’s – and hell, possibly Australia’s – music scene. See it all here in the clip that was made with $0 spend.



‘Superfly’ is available now on all platforms.
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