Independent Artist of the Week: Big Supermarket

October 15th 2018

Artwork by Robert Rooney 

Big Supermarket are big by name, but definitely not by nature. A low-key lo-fi quartet scattered between the west and south east of our wide isle, BS stick to their guns by creating comforting music that might remove you from your current reality.

Pretty much non-existent on socials and spread between Melbourne and Perth, Big Supermarket keeps a low profile preferring to come together for occasional shows or recording sessions. It’s actually quite refreshing to come across an act that’s difficult to find or pin down both online and IRL. The band materialised after two members traded lyrics with their future band mates in Aus, while based in the Philippines – distance clearly feeds the beast.

Given the scattered nature of the band, their music is surprisingly coherent. Their large 14-track debut LP, 1800, is a culmination of recordings from the past four years – all driving guitars, swarming and swathing layers of cohesive noise, 80s-infused keys propelling homely nostalgia with lo-fi vocals adding grit and grunt.

We’ve been repping ‘SuperHwy’ this past little while – an abrupt dose of speedy video game keys and crashing layers that create a fantasy vision of a psyched-out highway trip. You can hear it, and get info on shows and releases, through the band’s label Hobbies Galore, or maybe just kick it old school, pre-interwebs, and keep an eye on the street, venues or via word of mouth. Either way, we dig the mystique.

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