Independent Artist Of The Week: ARSE

November 20th 2017

Sydney outfit ARSE make in-your-face punk music – the kind that’ll knock you right off your… feet, and pull you right back up again.

A collaboration between Dan (guitar), Jono (bass) and Tim (drums), ARSE brings edge, grit and anger to their first two whopping tracks. Dubbed the soundtrack to Dan’s existential crisis, their forthcoming EP explores the pressures of reality, the baselessness of society and the state of current politics.

Recorded and co-written by Jono(than Boulet), ‘Primitive Species’ is slated for cassette release later this year via local imprint Grupo Records. Home to Party Dozen, Rich Machine and Top People, you know you’re in for a treat.

Immerse yourself in ARSE’s nervous energy, below:

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