Independent Artist of the Week: Anieszka

November 24th 2021

  • Anieszka :: Interview with Courtney Ammenhauser

Australian/Mauritian singer-songwriter Anieszka uses music as a form of healing, creating authentic connection through her soulful RnB-meets-alt pop sound. The video for her latest single ‘Choices’ premieres right here on

With each release, Anieszka reaches deeper into herself, embracing fluidity and truth. This vulnerable style has won praise from fans and critics alike, earning her comparisons to Summer Walker and SZA. Now, Anieszka has released another high-calibre track, ‘Choices’. Produced by Lui Mateer, ‘Choices’ sees euphoric harmonies mixing with hypnotic synths to bring Anieszka’s vision to life. It’s a sensual, smooth song that addresses how we can shape our own lives, rather than being victims of circumstance.

You have the power to choose your reality and where you want your life to go – that’s what ‘Choices’ is about. We often don’t realise how much power we hold, and how the choices we make ultimately define our lives. I wanted to reinforce that, and that whilst we can’t change the challenges and situations life throws at us, we can choose how we react to them. We can choose happiness, we can choose love, we can choose self-belief. There’s always a choice.”

The video for ‘Choices’ is as glossy as the song itself, showing Anieszka effortlessly weaving her way through the different parts of ourselves we access when faced with a choice. Natural elements are front and centre, from a lush green garden to a sandy palace.

Listen to Anieszka chat to Courtney on Up For It up top & check out the brand new video for ‘Choices’ below!

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