Independent Artist of the Week: Amy Kisnorbo

February 4th 2019

Photo by Daniel O’Toole

Amy Kisnorbo gives us ‘Cravings’, the second single off her upcoming EP, combining downtempo, ambient textures with trip-hop infused vocals

The soulful, percussive sounds of Sydney-based producer, vocalist and DJ Amy Kisnorbo pay careful homage to her multi-layered UK roots. Amy began making music in South London, where her father was signed to legendary trip-hop label Mo’ Wax. In the past couple of years, Amy has been busy collaborating with artists like Royalston and Captain Earwax, DJ’ing a slew of warehouse parties and boutique festivals under the name Alchemist, and has released two singles off her upcoming solo EP. The first of these, ‘Pleasure State’, was a haunting post-dubstep-inspired track released early last year.

Amy’s second single, ‘Cravings’, combines her unmistakably trip-hop infused vocals with a gently driving soundscape that tips its hat to the array of electronic music she plays under her DJ moniker. The real achievement of ‘Cravings’ is that it manages to explore the 90s downtempo roots of its sound while avoiding nostalgia. Ironically, through adopting a more attentive focus to the past and avoiding cliché, Kisnorbo manages to sound more contemporary and forward-looking than many of her similarly influenced contemporaries.

Check out ‘Cravings’ below:

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