Independent Artist of the Week: 700 Feel

April 20th 2023

  • 700 FEEL :: on Up For It! with Lill Scott

Sydney-based cult electronic project 700 Feel have returned with an anthemic new single, ‘LESSONS GET LEARNT’. Helmed by Jonny Hawkins and Juan Villamor, the project melds influences from UK Garage, hip hop, dub, and house with the intricacies of jazz and footwork, creating expressive, emotionally driven soundscapes. ‘LESSONS GET LEARNT’ is a euphoric homecoming. It showcases the elements of 700 Feel’s sound we know and love, and pushes the contours of their creative practice even further. They joined Lill Scott on Up For It! to talk about their roots and their homecoming. 

Jonny and Juan began their journey together in highschool bonding over artists such as King Krule, FlyLo and Ratking. Letting their influences guide them, the pair developed their sound and production, building on a rich tapestry of sounds over years spent making music.

Juan: We kind of met and we went to the same high school. And Johnny was like best friends with my little brother, actually Jose. Yeah, we didn’t start making music until after high school. Like Jose would bring him around and we kind of just bonded over like shared music interests, you know, we’re kind of into the same stuff. 
Jonny: And we started making beats together, yeah. And then moved out together.

Jonny and Juan pull sounds from London, Chicago and Bristol, as well as the community they were nurtured by in Western Sydney. 700 Feel’s work is imbued with stories from the people and stories they grew up with. 

Jonny: A lot of people come from a lot of different places to Western Sydney and for us it’s like I came from the UK and landed in Western Sydney. [Juan] came from the Philippines and America and landed in Western Sydney.
Juan: I think it affects us beyond the music, you know, it’s just like culturally, it’s like a huge melting pot.

Nominated in last year’s SMAC awards for best live performance, 700 Feel is an explosive force that is constantly evolving. Their previous release ‘4 Ya Kiss / 4 Ya Bliss’ explored ambient textures, where their newest single ‘LESSONS GET LEARNT’ develops into a sculpture of dynamic sounds with energetic horns and epic drum beats. Check out their discography here.

Juan: We’re actually in the process of mixing an EP. So we, you know, as soon as we get that done, we’ll try and get it out. We’re kind of focused on getting as much of our music out this year.

To hear the full interview, listen up top or listen to their latest single, ‘LESSONS GET LEARNT’ down below. And in the words of Juan, “Stay true to yourself.”


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