Independent Artist of the Week: Kween G

July 1st 2020

Explosive, impassioned and extremely timely, Kween G’s, ‘Kibone’, is a masterclass in raising consciousness through music.

We all remember that one teacher who seemed to make the biggest impact on us. You’re probably thinking of them right now. Whether through empathy, attentiveness, passion or just straight up knowledge, there’s always one who really does teach you a lesson, and it really does stick with you. The lesson that Kween G delivers on Kibone, is very reminiscent of that teaching. 

Not one to strictly just educate however, Kween G has gifted us a record which both excites, entertains and enlightens in equal measure. One of the first things you’ll notice is the drums across the project, the kind that you’ll feel all the way up in your chest. This, coupled with synths, bass kicks and even what sounds to be a viola, keeps things fresh throughout. Kween G wields this to take the listener on a sonic journey through the lyrical themes brilliantly woven in.

A celebration of what it is to be black, Kibone acts as a shield against anything which might prove threatening to black pride, culture and history. The MC invites the listener to stand alongside and be proud together

This culminates in the penultimate song on Kibone, ‘Speak Up’, which is our feature track this week. An absolute anthem in fighting back against oppression and displacement, you can join us in blasting this one all week on air, or streaming below:

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