Independent Artist of the Week: Indira Elias

February 15th 2021

Indira Elias

Some song titles are ironic, some a direct quote from the main chorus. And some, so beautifully typify the essence of the music, it’s almost all you need to know. Dreamy Youth is the latest single from Sydney artist Indira Elias’s, and the third release teasing her upcoming album Songs from a Moon, Songs by the Sun.

Full of falsetto and dripping with angelic harmonies, Dreamy Youth is a tour of vocal frills and smokey transitions. Sprinkled with harp, horns and drums, Elias’s expressionism is as girlish as Julia Stone and as cool as 90s’ alt-rock icons like Mazzy Star. Whimsical arrangement and the ever-present delicacy of considered pace and a certain lightness make for a youthful and dreamy listening experience.

Elias picks you up with her feathery licks and lays you down with her remorseful yearning of a time gone by. Folk-noir soundscapes drive the lament of “rolling hills” in the mirage of adolescent. Of this connection to nature, Elias describes:

“My parents raised us to breathe and create from the same sense. Connecting to nature – her seasons and movements – is incredibly important in these processes. It grounds you in a context beyond language and phenomenon, and shows us the threads of our collective stories; to weave our tapestries and stitch ourselves together.”

Silky and poetic, Indira Elias is one to brush your hair to, add to the “dreamy bops” playlist and enjoy with a full-bodied red.

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