Independent Artist of the Week: Emerald Brunt

February 10th 2023


  • Emerald Brunt :: interview with Mikayala Floriano

With a low, full and devastating voice Emerald Brunt’s debut single evokes a striking image of herself.

Emerald’s captivating debut single, ‘Keep It Real’, offers an insight into her most vulnerable moments. Discussing her journey to becoming Independent Artist of the Week with Mikayla Floriano Up For It!, Emerald Brunt chatted combating fears of candidness, the importance of community and defining her own future growing up in Sydney.

‘Keep It Real’ shows Emerald’s strength as a lyricist creating a haunting and powerful contrast. It details her experience in the ‘new Sydney’ – one which eats its citizens and destroys their souls through socio-economic disparity. Speaking about her verses, Emerald opened up about her apprehension at the release of ‘Keep It Real’ and the introspective practice of her music.

“It wasn’t challenging to write it, but it was very challenging when I thought about releasing it because it’s like my therapy, it’s like journaling. I let everything out into my songs. I had so much hesitation. It feels like people are gonna know so much about me.”

A sense of community and encouragement has been integral to Emerald’s growth as a hip-hop artist. Stumbling upon Kobie Dee’s South East Block Party, Emerald became inspired by the local scene watching acts that mirrored her aspirations as an artist.

“I saw A.Girl, Jess B who’s from New Zealand and Kobie Dee himself and I was so inspired to see people singing and rapping with their Australian accents and it was so good! I think that coming across that last year really pushed me to be like – okay I should have a good go at this because there’s stuff going on.”

Even more important to Emerald than inspiration has been the support that she has received from fellow artists and producers. Beaming with amazement and wonder, Emerald reflected on a night of minor cyber-stalking and being welcomed into the rap community.

“Everyone’s about community – the first person I showed ‘Keep It Real’ to was A.Girl – Angel. I saw that she was at Lazybones on Instagram live, and it’s so creepy,” Emerald says between giggles, “but I just went. And I was like, ‘can I show you my song?’ And she was so sweet and listened to it all.”

Emerald’s confidence to introduce herself to those that inspire her has led her to her greatest opportunities.

“I also went up to Kobie Dee and Barkaa (after 4E) and Barkaa invited me to the studio… And for this year’s South East Block Party I somehow convinced Kobie Dee to let me perform. I’ll be a part of that this year.”

In the midst of preparing new music and performances, including a slot at Western Sydney Mixtape in April, she continues to evolve as an artist. Emerald left her sonic diary open to the public, and in doing so she has found her place in Sydney’s rap scene and as an artist we will be looking up to in 2023.

Want to hear more from Emerald Brunt? Listen back to her full chat with Lill Scott up top, or check out ‘Keep It Real’ down below.


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