Independent Artist of the Week: Huck Hastings

November 25th 2019

Huck Hastings

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Huck Hastings is back and better than ever.

Having embarked on a hiatus to compile a commanding new body of work, Huck Hastings – aka the front of indie-pop outfit Hollow States – has returned with an upbeat and invigorating new sound. Whilst staying true to his roots of exploring heavier themes of intimacy and responsibility, Hastings frolics through new stylistic terrain and the product is a delightful new single that is bound to inspire your own personal reinvention over the new year.

“Hey Babe?” details a modern day tragedy all too familiar to many of us – dealing with the breakdown of a relationship without any closure. The raw, heartfelt and at points comedic lyrics effortlessly encapsulate the human experience. The single provides an insight into an upcoming release expected to be packed with more quirky yet skillful storytelling, cloaked in colour much more vibrant than that of its predecessor, the 7 song EP “Huckleberry Blues”. Though a great project in itself, Hasting’s new approach to communicating the turmoils of adolescence in a more positive light is refreshing and promising. 

Check out the accompanying music video directed by creative Genevieve Kaiser now:

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