Independent Artist of the Week: Cousin

February 8th 2021

When looking for Australia’s most futuristic, forward-thinking techno, it’s hard to go past Cousin.

Cousin is the solo venture of Jackson Fester, one half of the duo Freda & Jackson. Primarily an ambient techno project, he creates sprawling minimalist soundscapes that demand multiple listens to ensure you grasp every layer. 

Cousin landed in early 2020 with ‘Overtime’, a collection of songs dominated by ethereal glitching beats, followed by the ‘A Message From Q’ EP. These releases cemented his role as an exciting trendsetter within the ambient techno community. Cousin’s latest EP ‘MSH011’ is due out February 18, and if pre-release single 1 Tun is anything to go by, it will be one of his strongest releases yet. 1 Tun is a winding track dominated by oscillating synths and persistent percussion. At nearly 6 minutes, it takes many twists and turns but always feels utterly out of this world. 

Having played a number of festivals over the years, including Inner Varnikka, Freedom Time, Hopkins Creek and Echo Flats, Jackson is clearly familiar with what makes people move. While it might be a while yet until we can find ourselves back at huge raves, Cousin has the soundtrack sorted for your next lounge room club night. 

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