Independent Artist of the Week: Concrete Lawn

June 26th 2020

If any good is to come of 2020, it is looking to be in the reinforced, youth-led wave of focus in correcting societal issues to provide renewed hope to the future. We can only describe ourselves as thankful then that Concrete Lawn’s debut LP, ‘Aggregate’, has been given life at such a timely juncture.

Released on the 1st of May through Sydney/Los Angeles (via Thirroul) label, ‘Urge Records’, Aggregate is an astoundingly polished, yet furious opening effort. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Boulet (Party Dozen, ARSE), the band have been able to find the absolute perfect balance of thrashy rhythm and almost incendiary percussion throughout.

It was clear from their 2018, ‘DEMO’, that Concrete Lawn were absolutely oozing in the frustration-fuelled character required to make a dent in the scene. This record not only makes that dent, but shows signs of a group truly mastering punk as an art form.

Their unbridled energy, matched with the political poignancy of front woman Maddison’s lyrics make for a ferocious mix. Confrontational, aggressive and unapologetically cathartic, the message of anti-establishmentism echoing from this record is one that can be related to universally right now. Legend is already growing for their insane live performances, and one can’t help but wonder just how raucous these will come to be pending the easing of restrictions.

Until then though, you don’t have to wait to let out your anti-corporation, rage filled exclamations. You can catch Concrete Lawn throughout the playlist this week, or stream our feature track, ‘No Patience’, the bruising opening song to their debut LP, Aggregate, right here: 

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