Independent Artist of the Week: Aywy

February 2nd 2021

Melding together the very best of hip-hop and electronica in an intoxication cocktail of production perfection, Indian-Australian artist Aywy is as fresh as it gets.

When it comes down to it, Sydney has an incredibly mature and eclectic music palette. The extreme multiculturalism and breadth of this city challenges any surface level idea of what might appease most listeners. Yet the common thread here in Sydney is always the drive to pursue and participate in live music: legal or otherwise.

Exercising his flair for DJing and producing, Ananthu Nair is a creative enthusiast. His career as an artist has delved into many spheres and has seen him play host to secret warehouse parties & raves in Sydney’s inner west. It’s that typical underground setting of smoke and texture that’s reflected in his boundary-busting sound.

His latest release, under the moniker Aywy is called LIFE OF THE PARTY. Honoring his Hindustani/Carnatic & world influences, the track is as likely to soundtrack a come up as it is to support a comedown. Velvety vocal stylings ebb and flow between rapped verses and an infectious drum pad. Nair never shys from falsetto R&B moments and expertly layers them with underwater-like samples.

Daring greatly, Aywy has opened up space for not only his own projects, but for others as well. He co-founded an online music collective/label called Flow Fi and founded a Sydney label, Ivory Records. Having collaborated and performed globally, there’s nothing restricting the musicianship of Aywy. He is a cosmopolitan creative with local sensibilities.

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