Independent Artist Of The Week: Angharad Drake

June 12th 2017

Hailing from Brisbane via the Sunshine Coast, Angharad Drake creates melodic folk that’ll stick with you for days. Her gentle vocals are full to the brim with emotion and intent, while the soft percussion that drifts below makes it feel totally effortless.

Drake began writing music in high school and has already created a decent sized personal catalogue – three EPs and a debut album. She released her debut LP ‘Ghost’ earlier this year, a collection of tracks as haunting as its title suggests. Noting influences including Feist and Laura Marling, Angharad Drake has successfully crafted a unique folk sound of her own.

There’s a soothing heaviness to Drake’s approach. With vocals as the driving force, her songwriting is largely an introspective journey focused around growth and heartbreak. Willing to explore all facets of her personality, Drake reveals a refreshing sense of realness through her music.

The singer songwriter’s most recent single ‘Baby’ is filled with breezy guitars and honest lyrics, the the perfect tune to instil a little post break-up hope for the future. Swoon.

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