Independent Artist of the Week: BBIANCA

February 23rd 2024

  • BBIANCA :: Interview with Ify & Benny

Our Independent Artist of the Week this week, BBIANCA is a rising hyperpop force who produces textural and flirtatious bops for 2000s pop culture worshippers.

The artist cleverly and unabashedly takes you on a teasing journey into messy femininity and playful mistakes throughout her discography and stylistic choices. Her bubblegum-electronic sound has tongue-in-cheek references and adoration for messy tabloid moments. Her track ‘Alexis Haines’ opens with a remix of the infamous phone call between the bling ring heist starlet Alexis Haines (then known as Alexis Niers) and reporter Nancy Jo Sales from Vanity Fair. The former is hysterical, in tears about the misleading article stating she wore ‘six inch Louboutins to court’ when in reality they were ‘four inch little brown Bebe shoes’. Defamation truly at its worst.

Previously based in Eora Sydney but now living in Naarm, BBIANCA called into the studio during Up For It with Ify & Benny to chat about inspirations, dream collaborations and the processes behind her intoxicating visuals.

“I think performing was a big part of what I wanted to do. I originally started trying to learn how to self-teach production in high school, and then I obviously went back to my roots of just wanting to be a performer. I think that’s where my love lies with music.”

An artist of many talents, BBIANCAs’ skills do not end with production and performing. She has a vested interest in all stages of her music process and practice. Stylistically detailed and aligned with her flirtatious lyricism, she sings lines “you’re too busy looking at me on your phone”. Her music is for those who love to party and who never want to miss out! Wearing the shortest of shorts, her music is a skimpy, glitchy dream.

“I was really into making clothes at one point as well… I think I’m a very visual person.”

BBIANCA also chatted with Ify and Benny about two of her dream collaborators: Timbaland and Lady Gaga, legends of the 2000s pop scene that raised her. She has recently been heavily reengaging with Lady Gagas’ discography and early music videos. The indulgent magnetism of Gagas’ artistry is felt within BBIANCAs’ experimental productions. As to where her genre-blending playfulness and the direction her sound is headed, BBIANCA divulged to Ify and Benny that you can expect it to delve deeper into the aforementioned inspirations.

“I do want to get more into kind of just like a club dance scene, but also my roots as well. It’s just I love rap, I love a lot of that music. And I think that I want it to kind of just all mesh together.”

Influenced by pop, rap and RnB in her youth, BBIANCA is continuing to intertwine nostalgia with hyperpops’ many contemporary distortions. Whilst in the studio, she announced to Ify and Benny a surprise debut EP she is currently working on – expect upcoming live performances and fresh music on the horizon.

Listen back to the full interview between BBIANCA, Ify and Benny above. Stream her latest single ‘FOMO’ below to keep yourself occupied as you eagerly wait for more…


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