Delving into Aperture with Hannah Jadagu

June 16th 2023

  • :: Hannah Jadagu on Up for It! with Maleeka Gazula

American bedroom pop musician Hannah Jadagu joined me on Up For It! on Friday, bringing us into the heart of her latest album, Aperture. From introspective moments to bright and infectious beats, Aperture is a whole world in an album. She shared the stories behind her writing, dove into the complexities of her artistic process, and opened up about the balancing act of navigating a bustling life, filled with studying and pursuing her passion for music.

Aperture is filled with courage and intimacy. Throughout it Hannah touches on themes including her questioning of Christianity, the moments of solitude where she found inspiration for her writing, and her relationship with her sister.

“My sister is my first best friend. I talk a lot about blueprints in my life… my sister was a blueprint for my music taste, the sort of things I would come to enjoy. My sister is three years older than me, they’ve always been the one I have relied on and I’ve looked to for any advice, help or just a shoulder to cry on. My sister was going through a time where I felt like I needed to be that for them.”

Aperture is certainly an evolution for Hannah’s music. Her first EP What Is Going On? was completely produced from her iPhone 7, and embodied everything that DIY is about. This album sees Hannah determined to level up and experiment with a variety of production elements, taking her sound further than ever.

“I knew I wanted to be in a studio, I knew that I wanted the listener to hear a progression in my work. I wanted to graduate a little bit, I wanted to level up. It was new to me but it allowed me to explore a lot more things. Max, my co-producer, taught me a lot about using analogue instruments, playing real drums instead of midi… we have like grand piano, glockenspiel, all these cool things on the album.”

Listen back to my full interview with Hannah Jadagu up top. Buy/stream her latest album below.


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