Haiku Hands’ must haves: Creation, collaboration and spaces which allow them

February 6th 2019

  • Haiku Hands :: Interview with Eddy Diamond

Melbourne / Sydney trio Haiku Hands are dancing a path of colourful energy on their debut headline tour. Stopping through the FBi Radio studios, Claire Nakazawa and Beatrice Lewis of the group popped a squat and shared some thoughts with Eddy Diamond on Mornings.

Claire and Beatrice highlight the integrity that external forces bring to the Haiku Hands table. Whether it’s teaming up with True Vibenation on 2018’s ‘Squat’, or tapping the writing skills of Joelistics (TZU), the production prowess of El Gusto (Hermitude) or Mataya Young’s on-stage energy, collaboration is at “the core” of the Haiku Hands entity.

“Haiku Hands references all the hands it takes to make something good and awesome.”

Incisive shouted choruses and dominant beat sequences form the basis of Haiku Hands’ character, and this has been the case since their arrival with debut single, ‘Not About You’. Passionate and present, the art of rap is used to communicate to their audience as well as promoting the style’s historical value.

“It’s good to recognise that attitude of ‘don’t tell me what to do’. Personal liberation is central to rap; to the history of it. If you’re using rap you want to say something that is meaningful or empowering.”

Take a listen to the whole interview up top as they get into how important inclusive, progressive and open cultural spaces are to collaboration, livelihood and mental health.


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