Get a taste of Poison in their heady mix for Body Promise

July 12th 2017


Sydney legends DJ Plead and T.Morimoto have a new collaborative project called Poison, bringing thunderous rhythm patterns and microtonal keyboard shredding to the dancefloor. It’s a sidestep from their other electronic music ventures – BV and Thomas William respectively – and FBi Radio’s own Body Promise have gotten right behind it.

With a 40-minute MIDI duel of original material recorded for BP’s Tuesday Sunset show, the duo take us headfirst into their vortex of heady rhythms and relentless percussive movement. It’s a whirlwind education for first-time Body Promise listeners from two producers with an uncompromising love of syncopation and grit. Get a taste.



Listen back to the full show here. Hear Body Promise on FBi Radio: Mondays 9-11pm