VB Hard Yards with Cosmic Psychos, Rackett, Mini Skirt and Shearin’


22 November 2017




The Landsdowne Hotel

It’s tough out there for independent bands, so we teamed up with Victoria Bitter to give the hard working musos of New South Wales the chance to get a bit of a leg up.

Three amazing finalists were selected to play alongside and be mentored by hard working Aussie rockdogs Cosmic Psychos, with one act taking home a huge prize – recording time at A-Sharp Studios to record a new single, mixed by legend-extraordinaire Nick Franklin, a recording  pressed on a split 7″ with the Cosmic Psychos, the chance to chat music with our music director Amelia Jenner before recording and $3000 cash.

Congrats to Byron Bay three-piece MINI SKIRT. Check out the full live version of their killer track ‘Dying Majority’ below.


Listen back to all our favourite tracks from the night
  • VB Hard Yards :: Recorded Live At The Lansdowne Hotel