Song Reader Sydney Sessions – The Live Feed

Indie rock figurehead and pop weirdo-genius Beck caused a stir last year when he announced the release of his latest “album”; Beck Hansen’s Song Reader was released only as sheet music through McSweeney’s, the cult US publishing house founded by author Dave Eggers. With this innovative and gorgeously presented book, Beck invited fans the world over to interpret, arrange, and reinvent each track however they chose.

Thousands of versions of these timeless, quirky songs were uploaded online and performed in venues around the world, including one special fundraiser in Sydney earlier this year in benefit of the Sydney Story Factory featuring the likes of Dappled Cities, Richard In Your Mind, Jonathan Boulet, Caitlin Park and more, all under the guidance of musical director Brian Campeau.

This week on the Live Feed we’re bringing you a special live recording of that concert to coincide with the release of “Song Reader – Sydney Sessions studio album.

Tune into FBi Radio 94.5 this Sunday at 2pm to hear local legends take on Beck!

Pre-order the album of studio recordings here.

PHOTO: Brian Campeau, Steph Harmon, Beck Hansen and Caitlin Welsh before the Song Reader Sydney event.