Giveaway: Win Tickets to Jane McGonigal And Kriti Sharma – Future Thinking


3 June 2018




City Recital Hall

Are you interested in the future? Jane McGonigal is, and drawing on her work as a game developer and a futurist – Jane will show you how to make friends with the future. Exploring how imagination has a direct neurological link to greater creativity, empathy, and optimism she’ll dive deep into the ability to create change in your own life and the world around you, today.

After her presentation, she’ll be joined by Kriti Sharma, a leading global voice in AI and its impact on society and the future of work. Building her first robot at 15, Kriti is a leader in building AI technologies to solve global issues and will discuss the ethics surrounding AI.

Following the presentation, both will be joined in conversation by Marc Fennell.

If you’d like to head along and hear from these two pioneering women grab your tickets here.


For your chance to win a double pass, email with FUTURE THINKING in the subject heading. Must include your FBi Radio supporter number and contact details.

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