Erika de Casier on her creative influences and playful reimaginings

May 26th 2021

  • Erika de Casier :: Interview with Eddy Diamond

Erika de Casier’s sophomore LP ‘Sensational’ might be the most immaculately produced album you’ll hear all year. It’s de Casier’s ear for melody that ensures the tracks stick to your mind long after listening. A day before the album’s release, Erika caught up with Eddy Diamond on Mornings to talk inspirations, musical getaways and shooting her own music videos.

‘Sensational’’s irresistible catchiness comes from its litany of musical inspirations and signposts- from nostalgic MTV-era RnB, to shimmering two step and drum and bass, and even a sprinkle of G-funk for good measure. Erika told Eddy she didn’t want to be defined by these reference points, but to make something new out of them.

“It’s important for me to have an open mind and not put myself in a box.”

This theme of reconstruction weaves its way throughout the album’s playful lyrical content. Drawing upon bad dates and awkward situations, Erika uses ‘Sensational’ as a canvas to rewrite frustrating past experiences into new ones, taking back control of her own narrative.

“I think it’s important not to take yourself too seriously.”

This sense of fun permeates throughout Erika’s music videos, whether it be goofy spy movies, dancing salsa or driving a drop top at night. Directing and editing them herself, Erika talks Eddy through their creation.

Listen back to Erika’s full interview with Eddy up top. ‘Sensational’ is out now via 4AD Records.

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