Ears Have Ears Live

Ears Have Ears Live invites you to watch experimental soundtracks performed live by some of Australia’s most innovative musicians. Hear first hand from each act as we pair them up with journalists, arts leaders and curators to discuss issues surrounding Australian experimental music and arts in 2016.

A free monthly series by our award-winning experimental music program Ears Have Ears. Broadcast live on FBi 94.5FM on the last Thursday of each month.


Watch Severed Heads perform an original piece at Ears Have Ears Live

Watch the legendary Australian electronic act performing an original composition written exclusively for Ears Have Ears Live, and answer questions from music journalist Kate Hennessy.

Watch Alaska Orchestra perform 'The Oloid' for Ears Have Ears Live

Alaska Orchestra perform an exclusive composition titled 'The Oloid'. Rainbow Chan and Megan Alice Clune talk freedom, improvisation and losing track of time.

Watch Half High perform an extraterrestrial soundtrack for Ears Have Ears Live

Half High delve into an ultra-modern sound, focusing on experimental electronic music as a new extension of punk. Watch their performance at Ears Have Ears Live, followed by a Q&A with Nic Warnock.

Watch Marcus Whale perform '2004': an intimate composition for Ears Have Ears Live

"To me, the music in this set communicates the dark, confusing feeling of desire when you're a teenager." Marcus Whale performs an intimate composition titled '2004' for Ears Have Ears Live. Plus a Q&A with Pia Van Gelder.


GALLERY: Ears Have Ears Live #4 with Alaska Orchestra & Rainbow Chan

The final instalment in a series of experimental performances. Alaska Orchestra performed a piece inspired by the oloid (yes, the shape) and Rainbow Chan led an engaging discussion.

GALLERY: Severed Heads and Kate Hennessy - Ears Have Ears Live #3

Legendary Australian electronic act Severed Heads played an original composition live for the first time in almost a decade, right here at FBi for Ears Have Ears Live.

GALLERY: Ears Have Ears Live #2 with Half High & Nic Warnock

Featuring extraterrestrial drone duo Half High performing live, and a Q&A led by RIP Society founder Nic Warnock.

GALLERY: Ears Have Ears Live #1 with Marcus Whale & Pia van Gelder

An evening of experimental electronic music and discussion, with Marcus Whale and Pia van Gelder.
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