CORIN chats art in all forms on Mornings with Louisa Thurn

September 13th 2022


  • Corin :: Interview with Louisa Thurn

CORIN is the solo project of Filipina-Australian multi-disciplinary artist Corin Ileto. As an electronic producer, composer and performer, her work spans performance art, sound design, theatre and club spaces. CORIN’s works are evocative soundscapes, combining influences from EDM, ambient, trance and grime. For this, her recent EP’s Enantiodromia and Araware both incredibly distinct. CORIN joined Louisa Thurn on Tuesday Mornings to chat about her recent performance at Phoenix Central Park, the development of her solo project, practice during lockdown and collaborating with local artists. 

With roots in classical piano which saw her studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, CORIN explained to Louisa how she took a break from the instrument when she finished studying. This led to the exploration of electronic music which informed her solo project.

“After I finished my studies, I kind of didn’t really return to it for a while, at least in the classical sense. Some of my first explorations of electronic music did involve the piano. I guess I was interested in sort of making these chopped up loops with piano in it, and because that was the only instrument I knew how to play at the time I kind of incorporated that.”

Looking back at her performance at Phoenix Central Park, CORIN told Louisa about her intention to play into the space. Rather than her usual sets, this performance would see her opting for an ambient performance on the acoustic Fazioli piano, complimenting the futuristic aspects of the architecture within the contemporary Chippendale venue.

“I think for the acoustics it sounds better with acoustic instruments rather than something that’s super club heavy. I still do those types of sets but I just reserve that for particular venues and shows.” 

The inability to play shows meant the pandemic had an immense impact on many artists, but for CORIN, unexpected opportunities arose from this era. She said the lack of pressure led to creative freedom and expansion as an artist.

“Because I had more time and was performing less I started to create more sketches and just producing more material but without any purpose in mind, and I think that’s really important as a practice for an artist… I think I just realised sort of the therapeutic aspect of creating music everyday and how important that was.”

As well as releasing two EPs Enantiodromia and Araw as a solo artist, CORIN has also been involved in many collaborative projects including composition for performance works by Sydney artists Justin Shoulder and Angela Goh. CORIN explained her passion for working in theatre and performance art spaces and her interest in doing more of it in the future.

“I can’t imagine just making music as a solo artist, I think that would be kind of boring actually. I think it’s really refreshing to collaborate with people; artists that aren’t musicians. I think there’s a really interesting dialogue between those two worlds.” 

It’s safe to assume the future holds many more exciting creative projects for multi-disciplinary artist Corin Ileto, so be sure to keep an eye out. In the meantime, you can stream Enantiodromia below, or listen back to the full interview with Louisa Thurn up top.