Cop a True Blue Mix From Caravan on THUMP

March 15th 2017

Artwork by Kasper Kagi

Ken Oath Records is a bloody brilliant record label that has recently popped up in Sydney. With only one release under their belt and an all Aussie Launch Party at Freda’s a few weeks back they’re already making waves in the scene. Celebrating the upcoming release of Caravan’s ‘Coarsica’ EP, Ken Oath are throwing a party at Tokyo Sing Song on Saturday night – more details here.

Ahead of their show this weekend, Caravan joined Jemma Cole and Tia Newling on THUMP, delivering a killer mix of house and techno, complete with shiny synths and dynamic bass lines.

Their new EP ‘Coarsica’ is due out on the 20th of March but in the meantime, you can check out their mix here & peep tracklist below.



Edseven – Broadside Swim (Mako Remix)
Jump Source – All My Love Is ‘Free’
Bjorn This Way – Don’t Run We Are Your Friends
Sottoh-double-pas – I Know
Bary Centre – Iron Cannons
Telephones – dtmp (call super remix)
Patricia – Acid For A Happier Time
Marie Davidson – Naive to the Bone
Mall Grab – 2 b reel
Lawrence Lee – Pyongyang Rhythm
Maelstrom – I Know
Grey People – 10% Battery
DJ Heure – Outsider Resource
Strahinja Arbuntina – I Have so Much to Offer

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