Byron Bay chillers Skegss play ‘Mustang’ live in the studio

September 13th 2016


  • Skegss :: Interview With Dom O'Connor
  • Skegss :: Mustang (Live)

“Do you want me to do the ‘ooh-ahh’ bits? Is that why you’re looking at me? I’m not doing that!”

Byron Bay chillers Skegss are here to have a good time. Whether they’re in South America, facing death, or chatting with Dom O’Connor on Arvos – these boys are spreading good vibes everywhere. Playing some sold-out shows as part of their new EP tour, Skegss came down to the studio for an interview and a live rendition of their track ‘Mustang’.

Despite running on such a crazy schedule, Skegss don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

“We just like doing it, so we’re able to just balance it and it doesn’t seem like a struggle at all.”

According to the boys, Skegss “don’t really play together” when at home, which leads to the live shows feeling more exciting and “spontaneous.”

Sharing stories from their recent trip to South America, it’s clear that Skegss definitely had a hell of a time.

“They didn’t speak English as much, so they didn’t understand our banter… we played at one [a gig] on the street, there’s this magazine that was hooking us up over there and they do some cool shit. We were just playing for those guys, did a couple of our own shows.”

“Two were venues and two were like parties, and one was in an underground warehouse where people have live sex shows.”

Dom asked the boys for the story behind their new EP, Everyone Is Good At Something, which they’re currently touring.

“We were just on tour one day and Johnny [Drummer] was like ah well, everyone’s good at something. [laughs]”

“It’s flattering to have shows sell out, but it sucks when people are genuinely messaging you and saying they wanna come. I feel so sorry; I wish we could sneak everyone in through the backdoor, y’know?”

Even after facing a near death experience, nothing seems to phase the band.

“That was new year’s coming into 2015… we were playing some shitty festival and this semi-trailer just like, came up behind us and smashed right into us. The instruments shot out like a hundred metres, out the back window down the road. Toby borrowed his roommate’s bass without telling him and it got totalled.”

Check out the full interview and live track above.


WHO: Skegss
WHERE: The Northern Hotel, Byron Bay
WHEN: September 17, 9:00pm $15
HOW MUCH: $15 via