Independent Artist of the Week: Brendon Moon

September 28th 2022


  • Brendan Moon :: Interview with Lill Scott

Sydney-based alternative singer songwriter Brendon Moon combines mellifluous vocals, distorted guitars, and meandering dream-pop melodies on his latest single ‘Bare’. Brendon’s journey towards a solo musical career was shaped by the Nirvana songs he learnt to play growing up and a stint in a metal band when he was 17. As FBi Radio’s latest Independent Artist of the Week, he  joined Lill Scott on Up For It! to talk about the single, influences, and his creative process as well as treat us to a live acoustic performance in the studio.

Brendon hasn’t released new music since his self titled debut album in 2019. His return to music has come in the form of two singles inspired by Brendon’s urge to expand and evolve his sound to one that is more personal than his debut.. 

“Well, this is one of the first songs that I wrote after my album. I wanted to take a heavier route, a grungier kind of vibe, from my earlier influences. I had been actually sitting on this song for two years and finally got it into a place that I was happy with. I feel like I could really resonate with it. It definitely took a few turns, but we got there.”

Brendon told Lill about the sounds that inform his distinct style of music making. He draws on dream-pop, heavy-metal, folk and progressive ambient soundscapes to encapsulate a more intimate and personal atmosphere.

“They vary a lot. Bands like Sigur Róse, Explosions in the Sky, José González and heavier bands like Mastodon, Music Signals and Tame Impala. Yeah, an array of that sound like cigarettes after sex and Men I Trust.”

His unique sound comes from a unique songwriting process. It’s rooted in the way Brendon improvises with guitar and vocals until something sticks out. Then it becomes collaborative. 

“[My process starts with] usually the guitar, just noodling around on that for a bit. Then usually mumble something and then if I hear a melody, I’ll be like, oh what’s that and then kinda expand on that. That’s 90 per cent of how I write and then the band will come, or I will work with my producers.”

After releasing two singles this year, Brendon is not slowing down. He’s just played a run of shows in Sydney, and his new EP is slated for November. 

While you’re waiting for that, stream ‘Fear’ below or listen back to his live rendition of ‘Bare’ and full chat with Lill Scott up top. 


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