Body Type’s Cecil and Sophie chat their debut LP on Mornings 

June 30th 2022

  • Body Type :: Interview with Ben Hansen

With two EPs and years of gigging under their belt, rock quartet Body Type have released their much-anticipated debut album ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’. Vocalist/guitarist Sophie McComish and drummer Cecil Coleman caught up with Ben Hansen on Mornings to talk all about the album, dining next to Nick Cave in LA, and playing a hometown show at Oxford Art Factory tonight

The pair both felt the album was a more deliberate process than their previous releases, although they still had to leave a mountain of tracks on the cutting room floor.

“We had quite a few demos, and then when we moved into recording we [recorded] a whole bunch. When deciding what ended up on the album, we asked our manager how many minutes on each side of a vinyl, and he said 20 minutes, or whatever it is, and so we were like, ‘Let’s do some maths and figure it out.'”

The album was recorded alongside Jonathan Boulet of Party Dozen and ARSE. Sophie and Cecil couldn’t speak higher of the process of working with “that wonderful beautiful man”.

“We came to him with a whole bunch of stylistic references and stuff that we like, and he was like “let’s just make your sound” in a kind of pointed way… he’s a very great person to be in a room with.”

Jonathan Boulet wasn’t the only artist who helped bring Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’ to life. Nick Cave himself actually wrote some of the lyrics to Flight Path. Actually, ‘said some of the lyrics to Flight Path‘ is probably a better way of phrasing that.

“We were in LA for our first time playing in the states, and it was Georgia’s 26th birthday. So we took her out to the Chateau Marmont… And we happened to be sitting at a table next door to Nick Cave and his social circle… Close enough that we could overhear snippets of their conversation. Don’t sue me Nick Cave but little parts which I sing in ‘Flight Path’ is taken straight from the horses mouth”

The pandemic saw the band able to find a label to release the album with, something that they initially hadn’t planned to do. They landed with Poison City Records, home to the likes of Flyying Colours, Camp Cope and Mod Con, all of whom Body Type count as influences.

“We finished the record just before the pandemic struck…it was a blessing and a curse, because we were so anxious to put this thing out that we were so excited that we’d finished. The two years of not playing shows and no one really doing anything, gave us the opportunity to send it out to some people and see who was interested in it and see who would be a good fit. Poison City are just the most amazing, supportive and easy-to-work-with label. We feel so lucky that they were keen to put it out.”

You can listen to the rest of Ben’s chat with Sophie and Cecil up top. Body Type will be playing ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Suprising’ in full at Oxford Art Factory tonight – you can find details below, and be sure to get down early to see their amazing supports Chimers and The Carnations.

WHO: Body Type, Chimers, The Carnations
WHAT: ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’  album tour
WHERE: Oxford Art Factor, Darlinghurst
WHEN: 7:30pm, Thu 30 Jun, 2022
HOW MUCH: $26.62, tickets HERE

Can’t make the show? Stream the album here: