Album of the week: May 17 – 00_

May 17th 2024

The new 00_ is a whirlwind, fitting to the symbol that represents the album. ∞ is their first extended release since their debut Ca\yptra, and with it, 00_ certainly have a way of making me more familiar with my keyboard and question my pronunciation. Poking fun, though they care very little in reality.

This sophomore release is everything to love about DIY experimental sound – guitars, strings, melancholic moments and abrupt, unexpected thrashes – as I stated, a whirlwind. The album encapsulates a sense of impulsivity. It is non-conformist and tumultuous in every sense of the word – whining, tossing, twisting, turning. The way in which each song rolls into one another errs on improvisational, an immediate expression that collapses into the next and onwards. In fleeting sections of the album, everything locks together in a groove –like on the latter half of ‘Fainting at a Punk Squat’ and ‘Thin-film interference.’ 

00_ are exceptional at instrumentalising vocals, accenting and articulating vowels, verbally dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s, with the effect of making lyrics feel the most alive. In the latter half of the album, 00_ dabble in the electronic. On singles ‘Bath Water Baby’ and ‘Ivy (crystallised damage)’ lazy drawls and delays echo as a spectre of their earlier sound., After all this, I’m not sure I really know what ∞ is about – regardless, 00_ raise a beautiful ruckus.

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