Album of the week: March 13 – Big Yawn

March 13th 2020

Experimental Melbourne quartet Big Yawn compress the various sides of their far-flung stylistic influences on their breathless debut LP, No!. A constantly evolving fusion of hypnotic krautrock, cavernous post-punk, industrial hip hop and club-ready dub and UK bass, the sound of Big Yawn explores and exploits the undefinable, in-between spaces of genre. Dynamic and unpredictable, No! refines their creative process, capturing a snapshot of the group’s live, freestyle jam sessions that drips with the sweaty spirit of their DIY approach. No! is the sound of four musicians pushing themselves to the outer limits of their studio alchemy, throwing everything together to find music that forces their bodies to move with it. Along the way, Big Yawn articulate an unmistakable collective personality, crafting one of the most electric and esoteric debuts of the year so far.

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