Album of the week: April 5 – GAUCI

April 5th 2024

GAUCI is a spectacle. The band consists of Antonia Gauci, Grammy-nominated producer who has worked with the likes of Troye Sivan, 700 Feel and Kesha, David Gauci, member of Flowertruck and formerly Hatchy and finally, Felix Lush who’s written with JamesJamesJames and Brooke Candy. Between the trio’s variety of production and live experience, they leave little to no room for flaws. They first released their debut disco track ‘Hurry’ in 2016 – an unsurprisingly strong song, incredibly produced and thoughtfully written. 

GAUCI’s background in disco has aided them well in their transition into the vastness of indie electronic pop. On their debut mixtape Growing Pains, the trio balance layered sonic textures without muddying the clarity that makes pop so delectable. Letting go of self-doubt, fears, loss and longing are some of the few themes that bleed across tracks. On Growing Pains, beautiful production elevates the telling of a familiar coming-of-age tale. The mixtape follows singles ‘Growing Up’ and ‘Come Around’, which introduced us to this  new sleek, sweet and synth-laden sound, each track expanding upon and simultaneously stripping as the mixtape progresses. The vocals are an easy highlight of the album, phasing between gentle echos and perfectly harmonised, powerful choruses. Growing Pains revives the charm of pop ballads from a decade ago. Dipping deep into the pot of honey sweet pop hooks, GAUCI have, for now, retired Italo disco for lovable and lush crystal clear pop. And they do it so well. 

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