How Angus Andrew is fostering a community of risk takers – interview on Surfacing

August 16th 2023

  • Angus Andrew :: interview on Surfacing with Luke de Zilva

Angus Andrew is no stranger to crossing boundary lines, not only as an artist with his New York-based band Liars, his label No Gold and his music series Essential Tremors. On a personal level he is Phillipines-born, growing up constantly moving around Melbourne, and taking the solo leap over to New York at just age seventeen, he is at most at home in the liminal spaces.

“It really doesn’t matter to me necessarily what genre or any specific stylistic thing. It’s just about people who are sort of risk takers.”

The admired musician and curator joined Luke de Zilva on Surfacing to chat about the Australian left-field and underground music scene, and his passion for creating opportunities for under-exposed artists.

“I’m not interested in selling tickets or records, even though that sounds horrible as a record person. It’s about just offering a hand. Any artist who is interested, I’m willing to listen to.”

Angus found a way to not only connect and create community with fellow artists across the divides, but to also provide them with a platform to access opportunities they might not have otherwise been able to reach alone.

“I really enjoy digging deep into the Australian experimental scene just because it seems like there’s just a wealth of talent.”

In comparison to the underground scene in New York Angus observed, due to cultural and geographical factors, that left-field musicians in Australia are “even more underground.” This currently means less support and less exposure, but as he noted this is also really exciting, because it means there is so much to uncover and connection to be created.  

Want to hear more from Angus Andrew? Listen to his full interview with Luke De Silva up top, or stream Liars’ latest release ‘COMPLY (Liars Remix)’ below.