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A conversation with Computerwife on The Playlist

“Surprising energy for 10pm EDT, Addie is bright eyed and bubbly, sitting outside somewhere, a graffitied shutter dimly lit with a string of bulb lights hanging behind her.” Rhea Thomas sits down with Addie Warnacke, aka Computerwife, for an honest and deep chat about radio, Tumblr, and making jingles.

Mali Jo$e speaks on new EP BREEZECATCHER

At only 21 years old, Perth-based, rising hip hop star Mali Jo$e has delivered his brand new EP BREEZECATCHER. With energetic beats and intimate lyrics, the tracks on this EP take you on a lively journey that has playful moments of varying intensity. He sat down with Ife Obiegbu on Mornings to discuss their inspirations, friendship and the importance of taking a breath, and having fun.

Independent Artist of the Week: AR the Eternal

At the start of this month Western Sydney rapper and host of The Kxckbxck on FBi Radio AR the Eternal dropped a stunning new double-sided tape, titled The Outside demos. The demos showcase AR’s versatility, at once a master of fast rap and gentle RnB. Crowned our Independent Artist of the Week, AR told us all about his new project with Maleeka Gazula on Up for It! last Friday.

WATCH: Georgia Mulligan performs ‘Omissions’ on Mornings

Singer/songwriter Georgia Mulligan swung by the studio for Mornings with Ben Hansen to give us a stunning live performance. She also treated us to a sneak peek of another track from her new album!

Independent Artist of the Week: Sidney Phillips

Sidney Phillips’ Soundcloud profile picture is of Korean pop group JYJ member, Kim Jae-joong. “Exo-l 4 lyfe” in bio. References to The Sopranos, Skins, South Park, and Breaking Bad can be found across Sidney’s musical releases: her Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram presence teeters on the edge of irony, relevance and personal sincerity.

Genesis Owusu is no outsider: interview on Up for It! with Bindi Mutiara

STRUGGLER is the imminent release from Australian national treasure Genesis Owusu. He joined Bindi Mutiara to discuss the his experience as an increasingly popular artist and the album’s existentialist trappings.

This week in Sydney

Soundcheck: 30 September - 6 October

Need a live music fix? Catch Jpegmafia, murmurmur, Sunscreen, Angie McMahon, Ninajirachi and more in Sydney this week.

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