Independent Artist of the Week: imbi the girl

July 30th 2018

Photo by Emily Contador-Kelsall 

Articulate, poetic and wise, imbi the girl is that special artist we are occasionally blessed to know and hear, and should not sleep on.

If not just for the music itself, it’s easy to measure an artist’s talent based on their achievements in the year following their debut release. For Sydney’s imbi the girl, they’ve managed to play multiple festivals across the country, feature on (and elevate) tracks by Spit Syndicate, Esoterik and Oh Boy and release more of their own confident and insightful music, most easily described as a blend of their influences including Sampa the Great, Okenyo, Syd, Macy Gray and Odette.

For imbi the girl though, it’s about more than just the music. As a non-binary and truly self-loving artist, imbi the girl is using their voice to project their incisive take on society today and on where we’re headed, including implications for gender non-binary people and illicit drug use.

‘Swell’ is imbi the girl’s third single and one that needs to be heard through headphones first, if not just for the intro and bass that hits your ears (‘scuse the pun) like a crashing wave soon after. The track’s powerful production is matched by relatable lyrics which imbi has described as trying to talk about a particular feeling they can’t identify, a culmination of every emotion they’ve known. It’s soulful, poetic and damn we’re lucky to have it.

They’ve said this is just the beginning for their music, which is well exciting, so get swept away…

WHO: imbi the girl with Shrimp, She’s My You, Cherry Stain and Hey Universe
WHERE: Lo-Fi @ The Dungeon, Newcastle
WHEN: Saturday 4 August
HOW MUCH: $15 adult + $10 conc, with all proceeds going to local charities here

imbi the girl is playing Listen Out fest too, but it’s sold out already. ‘Swell’ is available on Spotify.




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