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Now more than ever, FBi has an essential role as a strong, independent advocate for Sydney’s cultural life. Sydney’s status as a cultural capital is being challenged like never before. Venues that support local artists and live music are closing, arts funding is being squeezed and the debate around these issues is fuelling an atmosphere of division, despair and disengagement.

With funding cuts to community radio announced in the recent Federal Budget and a significant rent increase in the works, you have never been more essential to our ability to do this. We need you to get behind us, so we can keep Sydney culture front and centre!

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Each year we run training programs for new broadcasters and volunteers, creating pathways to the creative industries for passionate young people. The Sydney Music Arts and Culture (SMAC) Awards have run for the last six years, recognising Sydney’s homegrown talent. We also had our very own Sydney venue from 2011-2014 – FBi Social – which gave a home to up-and-coming bands and performers. And we’ve launched FBi Click – our new digital radio station for dance and electronic music.

While we’re always on the lookout for ways to better ourselves and push the envelope, we’re trying to manage a fine balance between forging new paths and ensuring sustainable growth. Our current income allows us to keep the station rolling – and we’ve perfected the art of making great radio with a tight budget. But to keep doing new things beyond just staying afloat, we’re looking for donations from people who want to invest in the future of FBi. We need you to get behind us, so we can stay in front.

Here are some ways your donation could help us:

$10 could buy us some new glasses for the kitchen (so our international guests don’t always get mugs!)
$100 could get us two new pairs of headphones or new cables for the studio
$1000 could get us new screens for our studio playout system or updated software
$5000 could contribute to the development of our website
$10,000 could allow us to broadcast new content on digital radio for 3 months, ensuring our audience can access FBi content in multiple ways.
$50,000 could pay for us to expand the SMAC Awards
$100,000 could allow us to refit our studios
$500,000 could… okay so we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but you know what we mean!

Invest in FBi Radio – donate today!

If you’d like to talk to someone about making a donation, get in touch with us by emailing or calling (02) 8332 2908.

Free Broadcast Incorporated (FBi Radio) is a deductible gift recipient and so all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. All donors will receive a tax deductible receipt.