Fade Up :: Mickey Kojak

Like so many innovative new producers coming out of Australia, one track is all you need to hear from Mickey Kojak. You can hear a whole mixtape though. Get to know the Sydney producer inside.

Fade Up :: Altisko

Bouncy basslines, bright synths and r&b samples – it’s a popular recipe in 2014, and with good reason. Hear Sydney producer Altisko’s take on it inside.

Fade Up :: Omniment

Walking the line between musicality and danceability is Omniment – a Brisbane producer composing cinematic beats. Hear an exclusive twenty minute mix from him inside.

Fade Up :: Feki

A Brisbane beatmaker and member of the Top Cats collective, Feki has found the sweet spot between lush, soulful pastels and the deepest, sub-level blacks.

Fade Up :: Dugong Jr

Like many young Australian producers in 2014, Dylan Tainsh has discovered a melodic, colourful world outside of heads-down club music. Hear a twenty minute mix from this promising Melbournite inside.

Fade Up :: L W K Y

Pronounced “Low Key”, this Melbourne duo hate vowels but love bass. Let them smack you in the face with twenty minutes of it.

Fade Up :: Hugo

Hugo has already had a couple of viral remixes with his other project, #Hashtag, so it’ll be very interesting to hear the evolution of his tropical alter ego. Meet him inside.

Fade Up :: Tobiahs

Rather than beatmatching, fifteen year old producer Tobiahs chose to create echoes and harmonies in order to blend the tunes in his soothing Fade Up mixtape.

Fade Up :: Empia

Once a drummer in metal bands, Empia now makes bright bass music on the opposite end of the anger scale. Get to know him inside.

Fade Up :: De’Kcuf

If you spell De’Kcuf backwards it becomes a lot more aggressive than you thought, but the music made under that name has got bite at face value. These guys are a Sydney production duo who are all about heavy bass under agile percussion, and they’ve put together twenty minutes of tunes that’ll bash your brain in.