Fade Up :: Jad & The Ladyboy

Jad Lee is so intent on splitting himself between different creative endeavors (Mitzi, Twiggy Lashes, and now this) that it’s come to the point where he’s in a production duo with himself. It’s all (kinda) explained inside, alongside a short mixtape.

Fade Up :: Maximum Wolf

Some humans are raised by wolves and end up kinda strange, but this is a wolf that was raised on rock and electro; the result is glorious. Listen to Maximum Wolf’s Fade Up mixtape.

Fade Up :: LOLO BX

The name LOLO BX mashes together references to Dr Dre and the rural town of Bathurst. It’s an odd combo that doesn’t really make too much sense, but their Fade Up mix certainly does. Stream it here.

Fade Up :: Back Back Forward Punch

Back Back Forward Punch will flick your brain’s disco switch and turn up your feet to ‘groovetastic’. Also they make good music and have put together a super great mixtape for you.

Fade Up :: Just A Gent

It’s not often that Newcastle schoolboys have their songs hit #1 on Hype Machine, but Just A Gent doesn’t mind breaking that trend. He’s managed to create a sound that appeals to a large audience without sacrificing artistic integrity, and he’s put together a 20 minute mixtape for you.

Fade Up :: Platform 19

Thought it was only UK kids bringing back garage and house music? You were one thousand per cent wrong. Platform 19 are doing the good stuff right here in Sydney. Listen.

Fade Up :: Terace

Terace don’t like to broadcast their faces across the internet, but luckily their music captures all necessary attention. Inquire within for 20 minutes of warped, bassy house music.

Fade Up :: Kun

With a buzzing SoundCloud account but almost zero recognition in his hometown, Kun is definitely a 21st century muso, and he’s got a forward-thinking sound to match. Hear his Fade Up mix.

Fade Up :: Hatch

Sydney producer Hatch has made everything from monstrous club tracks to soul-warming jams with live instrumentation. It’ll be interesting to see how he develops in the future, but right now we get a glimpse of his softer, more vulnerable side in his Fade Up mix.

Fade Up :: Chiefs

Much like Kilter, Chiefs has recently stepped up from making sample-heavy hip hop beats, to releasing much more creative, fully-realised productions. Listen to a 20 minute mixtape from the rising Melbourne producer.