Day Wave plays ‘Something Here’ live & talks through his debut album with Alex Pye

Hear Jackson Phillips, the singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind Day Wave, play his latest single live on Mornings with Alex Pye.

Listen to Oh Pep! live in the studio: acoustic versions of ‘Wanting’ & ‘Trouble Now’

Oh Pep stopped by to chat about their debut album and played live versions of their new tunes ‘Wanting’ and ‘Trouble Now’.

Tiny Ruins plays ‘Dream Wave’ live acoustic and talks disorientation & ‘Hurtling Through’

Listen to a beautifully tender live rendition of ‘Dream Wave’ by New Zealand’s Hollie Fullbrook, aka Tiny Ruins, on Lunch with Samantha Groth.

Watch Julia Jacklin play ‘Pool Party’ live & chat about her different musical projects

We squeezed Julia Jacklin’s band into the studio for a live performance of ‘Pool Party’. Watch the video and listen to her interview with Chris Twite.

Holy Holy perform ‘Sentimental and Monday’ and chat with Stephen Ferris

A beautifully stripped back live serenade on Mornings.

Leon Bridges ‘River’ live acoustic + talks hometown beginnings

Having just played the “best show of his life” at a sold-out gig at the Metro, Leon Bridges jumped into the studio with Michaela Morgan on Arvos.

Listen: Aldous Harding & Laura Jean on Jack Off

In a disarming interview that left everyone in the studio in silence or tears, hear NZ’s Aldous Harding and Australia’s Laura Jean (plus Laura’s father and sister, incidentally) speak with Jack Shit on ANZAC day. Each artist performs an intensely personal piece in the process.

Listen :: Gang of Youths ‘Knuckles White Dry’ acoustic + interview

Hear Dave from Gang of Youths drop, tune and then play his guitar in an incredibly moving acoustic rendition of ‘Knuckle White Dry’. He also talks with Lexy about nearly getting arrested in LA, smokers’ teeth, and being generally cantankerous.

Listen: Frente! live on Jack Off

Effervescent indie upstarts Frente! were a breath of fresh air when they arrived on the scene in the early 90s, yet pressures mounted as their star ascended. Here Angie and Simon revisit an intensely creative time, delivering pristine and playful live renditions of Labour Of Love and Ordinary Angels, showing said star will burn brightly for a while yet.

Watch & Listen :: Spookyland live on Arvos

Do you pine after the enigmatic voice of Spookyland? We do. So we were stoked when Marcus, the man behind THAT VOICE, dropped by Arvos to play “The Silly Fucking Thing” live to air. Watch it here!