Believe the hype of Willaris. K in his mix for Motorik

Off the back of just one single, Coolangatta producer Willaris. K has created plenty of buzz in the Australian electronic scene. See why in this mix for Motorik’s Sunset show, as he spins his brand of energetic techno that melds intimidating bass lines with delicate arpeggios.

Get lost in Roza Terenzi’s heady mix for Pure Space

Packed with nostalgic sequencers and unrelenting rhythms, Melbourne producer and DJ Roza Terenzi programs an hour of dark and diverse dance music. Expect niche cuts of techno, house, electro and breakbeat.

Josh Pan balances trap energy with chill RnB on Glitches

New York producer Josh Pan delivers intense bass alongside idiosyncratic dance instrumentals on Glitches, dropping plenty of surprises along the way.

Nostalgic meets futuristic in Pjenn√©’s dark Midday Mix

After spending years enjoying music from the other side of the booth, Melbourne’s Pjenn√© is spending time behind it, carving up some of the most interesting electronic and world music.

City Calm Down curates a nostalgic set for Purple Sneakers

In the mix for Purple Sneakers, City Calm Down showcase a few indie and electronic deep cuts with musical gems scoured from a diverse range of continents and eras.

Get a taste of Amy Axegale’s diverse club sounds for Sidechains

Drawing from a mixed bag of techno, jersey, rap and baile funk, Amy Axegale showed Sidechains his diverse inspirations and shares a taste of his new release “More Than Just Friends”.

Explore throws down a bass-heavy mix on Glitches

All the way from Belgium, Explore moves from lo-fi beats to heavy trap in this nimble mix for Glitches.

K-Hand graces Sunset with classic tastes of Detroit techno

Percussive polyrhythms and classic dancefloor sounds: K-Hand proves her status as the First Lady of Detroit Techno on Sunset With Kato and Ben Fester.

Ben Houghton brings a taste of Melbourne’s house & techno scene to Pure Space

Melbourne producer and head of Momentary Records, Ben Houghton, shared an hour of pulsing house with Pure Space, deftly moving between tech house and disco.

Kimchi Princi & Slim Set flip Switch upside down

Slim Set and Kimchi Princi bottle their live energy into a mix for Switch, where the MCs let loose over eclectic hard-hitting beats. You might even get a taste for a few of their new tunes, due out very soon.