The Hanging: Moving Histories // Future Projections

One screen, ten of Australia’s leading female artists. Moving Histories // Future Projections brings together a series of video-based artworks to critique the impact of film throughout time.

The Hanging: Not Niwe, Not Nieuw, Not Neu

It almost feels like a visit to a small scale museum of natural history, that’s if the museum was also staging gut-wrenching irony… Now showing at 4a Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

The Hanging: The Last Resort, Kaldor Public Art Projects

A site of early contact between colonists and Indigenous Australians, Observatory Hill reverberates with ideas of history, land and culture for Anri Sala’s ‘The Last Resort’.

Why we need Antidote Festival

It was like we were in a club and it was good to know that this club could fill the seats of the Opera House. And that’s important, because it’s dark out there and sometimes we all need to “get together for a ridiculous, fun and boozy shin dig” (Opera House style).

The Hanging: Synthetic, Australian Centre for Photography

Let science fiction push the limits of your imagination at the Australian Centre for Photography’s latest exhibition.

The Hanging: Looking at Me Through You

Don’t miss Campbelltown Arts Centre’s complex, compelling new exhibition; a letter to Campbelltown from some of Sydney’s most interesting young artists.


Review: Dark Mofo & Silence

Dark Mofo calls us to shut our mouths, even if just for a moment, and listen. Jess Hamilton explores ‘silence’, the theme of this year’s festival.

The Hanging: Shadows are cast by things and people

Putting together the pieces at the Australian Centre for Photography’s latest exhibition.

Big Screen: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

“Even the villains of the movie blow most other Marvel films out of the water. The Guardians aren’t chased by generic bad guys… They’re chased by former employers who are p*ssed that the team broke their contract.”

The Hanging: Nicola Smith, ‘A Whole Night’

Smith’s series of oil paintings pays homage to an avant-garde romance on celluloid.