Hand-drawn review: Portraits of Men at Verge Gallery

Very Important White Men are stripped nude (conceptually) at Verge Gallery’s current exhibition, Portraits of Men.

The Hanging: Looking at Me Through You

Don’t miss Campbelltown Arts Centre’s complex, compelling new exhibition; a letter to Campbelltown from some of Sydney’s most interesting young artists.


Review: Dark Mofo & Silence

Dark Mofo calls us to shut our mouths, even if just for a moment, and listen. Jess Hamilton explores ‘silence’, the theme of this year’s festival.

Hand-drawn Review: Contagious Magic at Galerie pompom

Sharing its name with an otherworldly musical piece by Brian Eno and Jon Hassell, Contagious Magic explores the captivating mysticism born from the advent of photography.

The Hanging: Shadows are cast by things and people

Putting together the pieces at the Australian Centre for Photography’s latest exhibition.

Big Screen: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

“Even the villains of the movie blow most other Marvel films out of the water. The Guardians aren’t chased by generic bad guys… They’re chased by former employers who are p*ssed that the team broke their contract.”

Hand-Drawn Review: Relay League at Artspace

Reviewing art with art – for art’s sake! Emerald Dunn Frost explores Morse code’s major comeback at Artspace.

The Hanging: Nicola Smith, ‘A Whole Night’

Smith’s series of oil paintings pays homage to an avant-garde romance on celluloid.

Sydney Film Festival 2017: First Round Picks

From the big guns to the dark horses, James Ross has prepared a tip sheet so you don’t miss out on the best of the Sydney Film Festival preview program.

Review: What we can learn from small-town arts festival Cementa17

Vibrant art took over the small NSW town of Kandos in April for a festival like no other.