Giveaway :: Psychlops Eyepatch ‘Paranoise’ vinyl

Awash with spacey reverb and vintage tones, Psychlops Eyepatch are an importantly cosmic cog in the Sydney psych scene and the second signee to the iconic Octopus Pi label. And they’ve got a really sexy vinyl to give away…

Watch :: Frightened Rabbit live & acoustic

Scottish lads Frightened Rabbit swung by FBi to play us an acoustic track, give our sharpies a workout and muse about kids these days. They sharpied a few of their vinyls, and we’ve saved one to give away…

Q&A :: Matt Roden from Life Lines

Not quite comedy, not a reading, almost performance. There’s a brand new storytelling night in town called Life Lines. It’s biography by oratory, and host Matt Roden has collected a bunch of local creatives to present Someone Else’s Life.

Preview :: Double Take

With your head cocked to one side and hand placed curiously against your chin, the latest exhibition at White Rabbit Gallery will reveal something you didn’t quite grasp the first time around. Take the afternoon off and follow the White Rabbit.

Q&A :: Confessions from Genevieve Fricker

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. Genevieve Fricker pre-emptively confesses a few of her embarrassments and transgressions to Heidi Pett ahead of tonight’s Confession Booth event at World Bar.

Free Download :: Elliot ‘Reincarnation’

Over mountains, through rivers. Under tree-tops, over seas. Through the back gate and down the garden path, toward a forgotten glade full of secret longings and… sorry, what? Where are we? Oh, we’re listening to Elliot…

Preview :: Sister Jane ‘Mercy’ Vinyl Launch

Some music genuinely feels as though it was meant to emanate from a thick black 12-inch piece of vinyl. The rough edges and ’70s blues-rock soul of Sister Jane is that kind of music…

Interview: Keep On Dancin’s

Keep On Dancin’s are a band that still exist “thanks to sheer tyranny of will”. They’re playing next Friday night at OAF and Lee Tran lam had a quick chat to them.


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