Giveaway :: Psychlops Eyepatch ‘Paranoise’ vinyl

July 3rd 2013

A cyclops visits his local vibe-doctor and tells of his troubling sight: he sees his world without depth and it’s beginning to bring him down. He’s concerned that the stark imagery his eye delivers is the truth and that his surrounds really are as bleak as they seem. 

The technicolour practitioner lights some more candles, and from a hazy pocket pulls a shimmering patch of fabric tied to some string. The cyclops dons the eyepatch and grins, his vision dances with shifting hues and astral trails. Despite the newly-born questions, he feels comfort in the promise of exploration his new sight has afforded him…

He is Psychlops Eyepatch and he is born anew.


Awash with spacey reverb and vintage tones, Psychlops Eyepatch are an importantly cosmic cog in the Sydney psych scene and the second signee to the iconic Octopus Pi label. After featuring on the label’s first compilation, WHATISPSYCH, they now have their debut EP Paranoise available through the label.

Ahead of their gig at FBi Social, the band have reached across galaxies to offer one lucky supporter and psychonaut a copy of their brand new, limited edition vinyl… a deliciously green 12″ piece of mind-altering music.

If that’s not enough to tickle you tie-dye, you can also score one of their new tracks (along with other excellent tunes) on The Rip IV – the latest in our series of free local music mixtapes.


Just email with your name, supporter number and the colour of your ideal eyepatch…


WHAT: Psychlops Eyepatch live

WHO: with Greta Mob + The Jones Rival + The Preatures DJs

WHERE: FBi Social, Kings Cross Hotel

WHEN: Friday 19 July, 8pm



Psychlops Eyepatch | Octopus Pi


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