Preview :: Double Take

November 27th 2012

Don’t like contemporary art? Um. Yeah. You do. You just don’t know it yet. Because the White Rabbit is yet to have taken you by the hand and led you, gently, through it’s three levels of conceptual eye-gasm.

Like Alice, you’re young, immature… and let’s be honest, a little bit haughty, you’re about to climb into a rabbit hole and have your world turned topsy turvy. And just incase you were already wondering, yes – there is a tea party at the end.

Double Take is the  latest exhibition at White Rabbit Gallery, meditating on the philosophy that not everything is quite as it seems. Each work not only deserves but also requires a second look. Because with your head cocked to one side and hand placed curiously against your chin, that second look will reveal something you didn’t quite grasp the first time around. Should you linger for a third, you may just start drooling at the layer cake of meaning that is every piece this gallery displays. Either that or you’ve reached Tu Wei-Cheng’s Valentines Day installation.

Liao Chien-Chung: Not-quite Harley-Davidson

There are robed guides in the plenty to give you clues should you be baffled at what’s so special about Liao Chien-Chung’s Harley Davidson model on level 2, or Ai Weiwei’s sunflower seeds on level 3. Double Take celebrates the White Rabbit’s third year anniversary and is laced with the classic themes of repression, tradition, culture and modern identity that infuse this pot of Contemporary Chinese creativity. The works pack a political punch, the gallery as a whole standing as a reminder of the vitality and emotional power of art as a tool of expression within an environment of heavy censorship.

Ai Wei-Wei: Mountain of Sun-flower Seeds

Take an afternoon off and follow the White Rabbit.

WHAT: Double Take

WHERE: White Rabbit Gallery – 30 Balfour Street, Chippendale

WHEN: Open Thursday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

HOW MUCH: Like all good things in life, this baby is FREE

All images courtesy of White Rabbit Gallery.


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