The transcendent power of Dance Rites

Dance Rites transformed Tubgowle at Bennelong Point where the Sydney Opera House now stands into a living, breathing, dancing version of its former self.

The Infamous Gaspar Noé

FBi’s Filmlordes Jack and André had the pleasure (and pain?) of interviewing Gaspar Noé, one of cinema’s most debated provocateurs.

VIDEO: Hannah Bronte, Daniel Kok and Asuna at Liveworks 2018

Our roving Arts and Culture reporters Michael Sun and Jadzea Allen caught up with Hannah Bronte, Daniel Kok and Asuna about their artworks for Liveworks 2018 at Performance Space.

Delve into the deep web at ULTRAVIRUS

ULTRAVIRUS is throwing a one day mini-festival exploring, interrogating and celebrating the internet. Edutainment, dancing and the deep web.

VIDEO: Jamie Lee Curtis, body-swapping and career pivots

THE Jamie Lee Curtis if you can believe it chats to Jack and André in stack-formation. Wild.

We All Know What’s Happening at Campbelltown Arts Centre

Set against a backdrop of handmade costumes and colonialism, We All Know What’s Happening is an absurd, true story about Leonardo da Vinci, seagull poo, the Pacific and children in detention.

Cinema Greats on the Future of Indigenous Film

To celebrate 25 years of Indigenous filmmaking at Screen Australia Carriageworks hosted some of cinema’s best-known Indigenous filmmakers. Jack and André caught up with a few of the biggest stars.

Sam Simmons, fatherhood and the Radical Women of Latin American Art

The slightly absurd Sam Simmons yacks about his Yack Festival show ‘The Radical Women of Latin American Art, 1960-1985’ and whether or not you should procreate. 

Creative Crush: Amrita Hepi

Motorbikes, snowfields and giant inflatables, Amrita Hepi has danced with them all.

Singing the stars, and tricking your brain to feel pain

The Constellations maps moments where science and art converge.