Jagwar Ma: Album of the Week Interview

After their big and exciting tours with the XX and Foals, Jagwar Ma is at it again releasing their first ever full album. Listen to their interview with Beth Dalgleish as they discuss gardening, metaphoric acid, and our new album of the week, “Howlin”

Unsigned Artist of the Month: Greta Mob

Say hello to FBi’s unsigned artist of the month for June, Greta Mob: putting the balls back into blues rock in Sydney. Make sure you see them with a beer in hand.

James Blake on Lunch with Beth Dalgleish

The charming (and jet-lagged) James Blake stopped by to chat about his new album Overgrown. You can listen to him vanquish collaboration myths (sorry Bjork and Drake fans!) and reminisce about his CD-ripping library trips.

Watch :: The Townhouses ‘Talk’ live on FBi

The Townhouses – aka Leigh Hannah – dropped by FBi for the release of his album Diaspora. Watch the one-man-magician performing live in the studio.

Christmas Spirit: Gifts to DI-Y For

Cookies. Cards. Beer. Everything’s better when you make it yourself, right? The Green Villages team have made a series of cute-as-hell How-To videos that will save you the Christmas shopping nightmare – AND a tree or two!

Premiere :: Sleepmakeswaves – Kyson remix

Sydney ambient post-rockers sleepmakeswaves are bringing out a collection of remixes, and they’ve given us the very first taste: a beautifully ambient take on ‘we like you when you’re awkward’ from Kyson. It is delicious, and it is free.

Interview: Chet Faker

Nick Murphy, aka Chet Faker, is a 23-year-old guy who makes aching, soulful music that undoubtedly belongs in the bedroom. Before his Sydney show, Nick spoke to Beth about the hype, the jazz, the sex and the beard…

Free Download: Jack Colwell & his Owlchestra

Ladies and gentlemen, the orchestra is back. Want proof? Nab the new single from Jack Colwell & his Owlchestra here for free, before checking out their live show on Friday at the Conservatorium. Classy!

Interview: Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket Chats Church Gymnasiums, Morning Jackets, and Beards

While driving around his hometown in Louisville, Kentucky, Patrick Hallahan spoke to us about recording in an overheated church, touring with the big guns and plans for killing time in Sydney next month.

Preview :: Parades at The Wharf Sessions

  Beth Dalgleish spoke to Daniel Cunningham in the lead up to Parades' gig at The Wharf Sessions.   Beth: You seem […]