Unsigned Artist of the Month: Greta Mob

June 3rd 2013

Smear some grease over Beasts of Bourbon, take a shot of blues from Dan Auerbach and a menacing smirk from the Drones. Cook it to gristle and you’ve got a little taste of Greta Mob.

Named after the motley band of Irish horse thieves that knocked about in their hometown of Wangaratta in the 1880s, Greta Mob are as raw as the blues rock scene in Sydney gets right now.

Written in the Murray River surrounds, their songs have a dirty ebb to them that will take you adrift to some place you won’t recognise, but you’ll come back covered in mud. Their first single ‘The Petite Bourgeois Blues’ is ballsy, bluesy and bawdy as hell. No surprise that noise legend Shane Fahey (Scattered Order) is an honorary member for live shows.

Play loud with a beer within reach.


June 14 @ The Townie w/ Rocket Head, Machine Valley & Face Command

July 7 @ The Midnight Special, Enmore (acoustic show)

July 19 @ FBi Social (‘The Petite Bourgeois Blues’ single launch)

Greta Mob Official | Bandcamp | Facebook

 Originally published in Time Out

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