Gallery: FBi Presents Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker (Vivid Live)

Further cementing the sonic shift from Chet Faker, Nick Murphy returned to the Opera House under his own name, mixing past and present influences with heavy beats and soulful jams.

Gallery: FBi Presents AIR (Vivid Live)

Throwing back to their famed LP Moon Safari of 1998, the enigmatic French duo performed twenty years worth of space-rock classics.

Gallery: FBi Presents Fleet Foxes (Vivid Live)

Breaking their hiatus for a string of special Vivid Live appearances, Fleet Foxes reclaimed hearts throughout the Concert hall stalls.

Premiere: Remix the House – Severed Heads, Dro Carey, Lucy Cliche & more take on the Sydney Opera House

Remix the House returns this year featuring atmospheric sounds captured within the walls of the Sydney Opera House. Hear tracks from Severed Heads, Dro Carey, Lucy Cliche, FAKE and Nite Fleit.

Repressed Records on Dusty Fingers: Chris & Nic look back on fifteen years

The brains behind Newtown’s Repressed Records dropped in to chat memorable record sales, unconventional business models and the start of it all in Western Sydney.

Gallery: FBi Presents The Avalanches Block Party (Vivid Live)

Bringing their colourful, sample-heavy sounds to the tip of Bennelong Point, The Avalanches made their triumphant return to Sydney, joined by Briggs, DJ Shadow, DJ JNETT and Spankrock.

The Avalanches Reveal Album Number Three Is Due Out “Definitely Soon”

“Getting Wildflower out of the way and following up Since I Left You feels like a weight’s been lifted… The [new] music is really light, it’s some of the best stuff we’ve done.”

New Order Interview: On Sydney’s lockout laws and getting funky with their latest album

We spoke with New Order guitarist Phil Cunningham and bassist Tom Chapman about balancing rock, funk and electronic dance sounds on their latest album and how rules like Sydney’s lockout laws were “meant to be broken.”

Tiny Ruins plays ‘Dream Wave’ live acoustic and talks disorientation & ‘Hurtling Through’

Listen to a beautifully tender live rendition of ‘Dream Wave’ by New Zealand’s Hollie Fullbrook, aka Tiny Ruins, on Lunch with Samantha Groth.

Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber talks 20 years of online music journalism with Stephen Goodhew

Our music director nerds out with Pitchfork founder and editor-in-chief Ryan Schreiber, discussing the significance of online music journalism a whopping 20 years after Pitchfork’s creation.