Big Screen :: Jupiter Ascending

Sam Clark reviews Jupiter Ascending, a film about a half-man half-dog from outer space who rescues a cleaning lady named Jupiter from invisible rat monsters using some kind of anti gravity roller skates.

Big Screen :: The Interview

Sam Clark takes a look at the film that caused a hostile hermit nation to (almost) bring down a major movie studio, had the entire American cinema industry cowering into a ball, and is completely obsessed with buttholes.

Big Screen :: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Sam Clark admits that Kingsman is “a crazy, hyper-violent cartoon complete with an insane, horrifying and hilarious massacre… in a church” – but he totally loved it.

Big Screen :: The Theory of Everything

Sam Clark isn’t sure why you would make a movie about Stephen Hawking’s love life, but he went and saw The Theory of Everything anyway, because his mum always gives him a nice dinner when he takes her out to the movies.

Big Screen :: Birdman

“The look and the feel of it scream for brevity, yet the movie just keeps on going long after I got the point.”

Big Screen :: St Vincent

Sam Clark reckons ‘St Vincent’ is maybe worth watching for one reason only: and that’s Bill Murray.

Big Screen :: Nightcrawler

Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in Nightcrawler embodies everything people are told they should be – but more importantly, he’s a complete sociopath. Sam Clark recommends for fans of Gone Girl and those who thought Gyllenhaal didn’t have it in him…

Big Screen :: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

Are you on Team Peeta, or Team Gale? Is that even a thing, or do we ignore those two drips and revel in the glory that is Katniss?! Sam Clark checked out Mockingjay and found only half a movie…

Big Screen :: Exists

Exists is a found footage tale of terror featuring that most maligned of mythical creatures – Sasquatch! Sam Clark thought the creature looked like a hairy nude biker, who had been lost in the woods for a few months; which sounds pretty frightening to me!

Big Screen :: Interstellar

Chris Nolan’s new movie Interstellar is ambitious and huge, really weird and badly flawed… and Sam Clark loved it.