Album Review :: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

‘Float On – Fill Your Lungs’ from Melbourne’s King Gizzard blends all the cultures you’ve always envied: outlaw biker meets traditional Indian; beach bum meets astronaut.

2006 Album Review :: Department Of Eagles – The Cold Nose

Before Grizzly Bear became a band first, animal second, there was also Department of Eagles. We remember one of our 2006 albums of the week.

Album Review :: Pikelet – ‘Calluses’

The third album from Pikelet turns the Melbourne band’s folky sound on its head and flings it into the experimental future, all the while managing to retain the quirks of its original vision.

Album Review :: Cloud Control – Dream Cave

Cloud Control’s first album was a shot of emotion without a chaser. Their second effort will have you coming back again and again, but for different reasons…

AOTW Review :: Horrorshow – ‘King Amongst Many’

Sydney duo Horrorshow encapsulate a culture with one of the most provocative records in Australian hip hop, King Amongst Many.

Album Review :: Suburban Dark ‘Second Front’

Second Front is a welcome respite from the ‘feel good’ vibes of boganhood in Australian hip hop, With every deliberated second begging to be played LOUD.

AOTW Review :: James Holden ‘The Inheritors’

James Holden’s second full-length effort is one mind-bending experience worth committing to, even if it might leave you in a trance-like state staring into oblivion.

AOTW Review :: Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels is the result of the ultimate bro-ing down of two rap icons for whom race, age, time and money present no obstacle. Anthony Wallace sifts through the swagger on our album of the week…

AOTW Review :: Kirin J. Callinan ‘Embracism’

There’s an honesty to Callinan you can’t help but admire. If you think his naked body says something, his unencumbered lyrics reveal a whole lot more: an all too real world full of unflattering realities and fears of death.

AOTW Review :: Big Scary ‘Not Art’

This album asks a lot of questions, but doesn’t provide many answers. It forces you to consider “What is art?” and “What is not art?” Reward yourself with a listen to the album, and I’m sure you’ll agree it is a work of art.